The Saga of Nature Boy


Daily Prompt: Out of Breath... what was your busiest day in the past decade? Here goes…

A day in the life, 15 November 2012

6:45 a.m.  Hubby’s alarm goes off.  He is working from home and doesn’t start until 8, but there you have it.  The longer he lays in bed the more sets of arms he grows, so I hit the deck at 7:00 to save him from himself.  Places to go, people to see.  I step on the scales.  Down 0.2 pounds.  Life still worth living.

7 a.m. – Hit the shower, brush, dress, take my caffeine injection, slip on my Mac and Wellies, throw corn to the 5 pheasants waiting under my kitchen window, collect the eggs and feed my hens.  I forget to eat breakfast because I am too busy.



8 a.m. – Fire up the computer, check my email, FB, bank accounts, then set to work (Medical transcription).  Must type 650 lines by the end of the day, and it is a busy one.

9:30.  Only 165 lines so far thanks to an intern who keeps changing his mind about how he wants to describe a procedure.  He can get through med school, but can’t frame a sentence.  Go figure.  But now my Darling Daughter and Little Man roll up in the drive.  Big hugs and a quick wrestle with his PopPop, then it is snuggle time with my boy while we watch Disney kids channel for a bit.

10:15 – Make cookies with Little Man.  Trying to regain street cred with my grandson as my last batch was a disaster… Have planned lunch with some friends.  Hubby can’t make it to the pub because of a tight schedule, so I am going to cook.  Sausage and Mash I guess — closest I can get to pub food on short notice.  Still in cookieville trying to think quick.

11:00 – Disaster.  Not enough potatoes.  Sausages and … what? … rice?  Hmmm … no time to get to the store.


It looked exactly like this. Except with rice, of course… photo:

12:40 – Sausages and rice it is – with onion gravy, fresh green beans and grilled bell peppers, a bag of bistro salad…  Oh, and butter.  So much for today’s diet.  But then, there was the cookie dough…  -sigh-

1:30 – PopPop puts Little Man down for nap.  (This is a key point — stay with me people…)

2:00 – Friends leave, Hubby is back at work.  It is quiet upstairs, so I try to cram in a few lines.  But no, someone forgot to take Little Man to the loo before bed, so now he has sprung a small leak and I have no backup funderpants.   Don’t worry, buddy, happens to the best of us — skin the bunny — nude is the new clothed, hop back into your bed and snuggle in – I’ll get you up in half an hour.  I put him back down to a chorus of, “I’m not too sure about this, Nanny…”  For a child who will happily run starkers through a sprinkler, he is surprisingly shy about sleeping that way.

Colonoscopy… colonoscopy… ileostomy reversal… does anybody need any part working on that does NOT involve a colon today?  I find myself wishing longingly for some sort of gruesome head injury or brain tumor.  Something above the navel would be nice.  Nope… hemorrhoidectomy… rectocele.  REALLY???  Note to self:  Eat more fiber.

2:45 – I am being watched.

Nature boy is right behind me as I clack away, wearing nothing but glasses and the sweetest smile.  Hasn’t slept a wink.  I sigh and bundle my nudist onto the sofa with a bunch of grapes, a bit of tele and STRICT instructions not to bother PopPop unless it is an emergency, as I have a school run to make and his trousers are still in the dryer.


So many bricks… so little time! image:

3:10 – Collect School Boy and arrive back home 15 minutes later.  Darling Daughter is waiting outside the front door freezing, as her dad is on a teleconference and Nature Boy is too little to reach the lock.  Her key doesn’t work.  -sigh-   Coffee, a round of cookies, 20 minutes of Lego.  We are working on a major project — MAJOR — it involves a fire station and about a million pages of instructions.  Good thing School Boy knows what he is doing.

4:00 – Back to work.  Under the gun now as we have meeting tonight and I do NOT want to work when I get home.  We must be on our way by 6:45.

6:30 – Finish my last file, done for the day – 700 lines even.  Not bad.  I have a whopping 15 minutes to get ready and I look GREAT.  Ok, well, not so much – hair piled in a bun all day, no makeup… I am a wreck.  Somehow, I pull it all together and even manage to find something to go with the beautiful green feathery choker Hubby bought me last week (it is AWESOME).  We make it to the meeting with time to spare, and of course it is great.  Chat chat chat with all my buddies and daughter, then it is off home by 9:45.

10:00 – Home at last.  We had forgotten to eat supper, so I reheat the rest of the sausage and rice.  There is a slurp of wine left in that bottle of Cotes du Rhone from the other day… Hubby and I split it and settle in to our respective nests in the living room.


Yes. Yes. Yes. Photo:

Thursdays are great… I love my life.

Mother Hen

Timeline taken from my facebook post, November 2012… no, my memory is NOT this good! 🙂 But to be honest, I miss these crazy busy days…

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    • I did have… this was a day at the end of 2012. I gave up the job in Dec 2012. I LOVED medical transcription. But shortly after Ieft, they all went to voice recognition – about the stupidest thing ever for medical files. How many errors? Not like lives depend on accurate records or anything… 🙂 I miss the work, but not the grind.


      • This is so strange….we really are almost twins. I still have a job I type from home. Weird! Agreed on the need for accurate records and voice recognition not cutting it…..alas, it seems quality is not valued anymore…..

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