Goodbye, My Beautiful Girls

People water always tastes best

People water always tastes best

Well, my friends, this is a sad day for Mother Hen. Following the most recent hospitalization of my youngest grandson on account of severe asthma, we have decided to rehome our two beautiful cats. The house is so very quiet already, and though their things are all gone, I still round corners and expect to hear a chirp or feel one of my furbabies wrapping themselves around my ankle for affection. The RSPCA has assured me that they will have no trouble at all rehoming them – beautiful cats always home easily they say, and beauty is something Tiger and Lily share in abundance. If their new owners love them half as much as we have, I know they will be happy girls, indeed.

What must be done has been done, and if removal of even one allergen from my grandson’s life helps his battle for breath, then it is worth it.

Still, I am very sad. Can I say a special thank you to my lovely “adopted” family over here for their kindness and support through this difficult time? Merry, Evie, Dionne… you are truly gifts from God and a balm for my broken heart. Thank you.

Mother Hen

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