Gardening and Snail-i-cide in Cornwall

For those of us transplanted to this snail-infested island, here is a treasure of a story! I love Ellen’s wry wit… and this adventure into slimy pet ownership is not to be missed. Enjoy!!

Notes from the U.K.

One of my first posts was about slugs. I wrote it early in the growing season, when none of the new plants stand a chance unless I carry out mass slug-i-cide. And snail-i-cide. It’s disgusting, it’s disturbing, and it works, up to a point.

But the plants that don’t get eaten get bigger, and sooner or later I convince myself that I can skip an evening’s slaughter. Maybe because it’s raining. Maybe because it isn’t. There’s always a reason, and it doesn’t have to be a sensible one. Then, before I notice what’s happening, several days have rolled past, and then the weeks do the same thing, and eventually I decide that I don’t have to kill them anymore. The plants are established.

Irrelevant Photo: Late Summer Wildflowers Irrelevant Photo: Wildflowers

Oh, happy summer. I declare a truce with the slugs and snails. This isn’t negotiated, it’s a one-sided thing. They still eat everything in sight…

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  1. I’m not sure about the snails, but my neighbor turned us on to a partial solution. Okay, it smells horrible, but her Early Girl tomatoes were the size of a large Beefsteak tomatoes.

    1 cup Epson Salts, 1 cup Miracle Gro and 1 cup Fish Emulsion. All mixed in with 35 gallons of water and allowed to sit for at least 24 hours.

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