Well, actually, it is well over 400, if you count Facebook and email subscriptions… but, can I just say… a MASSIVE thank you to all of you out there who have chosen to stick around for more madness, mayhem, smiles, tears, drama, chicken poop and hormones?

I love you all… especially those of you who are actual, real live people who actually read stuff! (You know who you are…and who you AREN’T! hahaha!)   🙂

So here’s to my next goal: 

austin powers


I believe in dreaming big… hahahaha! Seriously, though, thank you. Thank you all so much.

Mother Hen

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    • Well, in the big scheme, it is not a huge amount… but for me, who never expected to have 50 subscibers (most of them family!), this is kind of a big deal to me. Thank you so much, Ellen – you are a peach! I intend to dig into your book this week (I have been finishing up 2 others) … So far, it looks like it is going ot be a fun read! I am in awe of anyone who has managed to accomplish what you have here. Can I take lessons? xx MH


    • Thanks, Mel! You are a peach, my sweet friend…still can’t believe it myself. I have a fave to ask… just totally reworked the site, new theme, new layout… is it too busy? What do you think? BE HONEST… (computer access necessary for this…) I told you it was a favor! xxx Thx, mel! D


  1. Good luck with this – I am sure it is possible! I am joining your 300+ followers and I hope you will do the same for me (mine are about as much as yours!). 🙂 I found your blog through Blogging 201. by the way, so see you there!

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