Run, Little Pony!

Flashback Friday Post dragged out of mothballs to cheer your weekend… I hope yours is a lovely one! Mother Hen

Mother Hen Diaries

Though pony ownership is every little girl’s dream, to this very day it remains a bit of a mystery to me as to how my own family ended up fulfilling it. Sure, every kid has dreams, but one thing I learned early on was that a dreamer was sure to be disappointed.

Ours was not one of those, “Darling, be a good girl and daddy will buy you a pony” kind of families. It was not a family of shiny leather and acres of well-manicured equestrian paradise, paddocks and riding crops and golden sunshine shafting through the haze of sawdusty air.

*cue Horse Whisperer soundtrack*

redford Robert Redford. That is all.

Hang on… I’m stuck in a Robert Redford moment….

(Umm… where was I again?)

My family was more like, “Pony dreams are for rich girls – does your daddy look like he plays Polo?” My family was more, “beer in…

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  1. I had Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid on my ceiling, framed in with wooden pieces, since my Dad was afraid they would fall on my head. I lived in an attic, with slanted ceilings. Anyway, I loved the Horse Whisperer, too. I usually blame those two ‘bandits’ for helping me to choose the wrong men! Smiles for this great post, I will finish reading it on your first post…


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