Shouting Down the Well


“Blogging is a bit like tossing pebbles down a very, very deep well… and waiting to hear the splash.” – Mother Hen

This thought occurred to me this afternoon, as I was checking my Facebook page first for news of my Mom, who has been unwell but who is recovering, and secondly to check the stats on my blog page. My FB stats are nothing to shout about, really, A modest 115 “followers” (I so hate that term, as implies I am some sort of guru, which I most certainly am NOT!), of whom maybe 25 or 30 are regularly served links to Mother Hen Diaries, and of those, perhaps 4 or 5 may comment or “like” what they read. While my FB stats are not spectacular, I so appreciate those who do take the time to read my work! (Thank you all! *group hug*)

All I can say is I am glad I love writing, because if I did it for any tangible return on my time investment, I would certainly be considered a pretty foolish woman. And perhaps I am, at that.


Now, if my ship was taken over by Jack Sparrow, the doldrums might just be worth enduring. Just saying. Image:

I am absolutely certain every other blogger has wandered around in the windless doldrums, waiting to discover whether this journey is still worth hoisting the sails. My slowly moving ship is but one of hundreds of thousands sailing in the Blogosphere, and the fact anyone takes notice of mine is, in my view, a miracle in itself.

But, as I was contemplating my own blogging future in the brief yet dispirited throes of disappointing stats, I had an epiphany of sorts: It is not about the numbers. It is not about the stats, because stats lie. It is not even about my pathologic need to make people laugh.

Writing, for me, is about telling the story that must be told, whether it is bedded in truth or in fiction. It is about transmitting an emotion, a thought, an idea into the universe with the hope that it may be shared mutually, perhaps appreciated, not necessarily agreed with, but hopefully understood. Writing is an art form that leaves the author absolutely bare and vulnerable, naked and self-conscious, regardless of whether the words evoke a smile or a tear. Writing is emotional base jumping, frightening yet addictive in equal measure.


This is me, submitting a blog post. (Please let there be readers… please let there be readers…)

Few things are as frankly terrifying as inviting others into the private world of one’s head. 

I certainly hope you are all enjoying the private world of mine. As for my fellow bloggers out there, I am continually in awe of your own “private worlds,” and so appreciate reading your stories and adventures, seeing your photos, and sharing the laughter with you. If ever I do not comment as often as I would like, please know it is not because I don’t think you’re fantastic, because I DO. Mother Hen does not blow smoke up skirts, she does not spam, and she only follows because she truly likes what you do.

But if writing is not about stats, it is certainly about feedback. Dropping pebbles down the well is fine… but there is nothing so gratifying as making a splash. 🙂

Write on, my fellow blog-friends!

Mother Hen

P.S. In a totally unsolicited shout out down this deep blogging well, may I be so bold as to make a suggestion? If you have not yet stumbled onto Your Moderate Mama, do. Sarah is fairly new, fresh, touching, and above all FUNNY. I am at a loss as to how her readership is not through the roof. I promise, you will not be disappointed. Happy reading, all, and share the chickeny love!

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  1. Ha, you’ve got it, the blogging life, in a nutshell, or should I make that an eggshell? BTW, I found you on the Blogging 201 blogroll – scrolling through the list, looking for my url, as you do, or perhpas only as I do, saw yours – thought that looks interesting and here I am, all signed up as a reader and rolling around laughing.

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    • Oooo hello, my friend! 🙂 🙂 🙂 How lovely to run across each other out here in blog land – I thank you so kindly for jumping on my rickety little bandwagon, and so look forward to returning the favour by checking out your own! Kick back and have a goood browse…. or help me collect eggs. Your choice… :-! Mother Hen


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