Thursday Sunset… on a Friday?

Autumn sunset

Autumn sunset

Well, my friends, since tonight’s sunset was more or less a nonevent, I thought I would share last night’s with you instead. It was a stunner! 

You can just about make out the flock of partridges and a few young pheasant making their way across the field. Pheasants are a little skittish, but the partridges? We have huge families of them everywhere in these fields, but they are unbelievably camera shy. I barely lifted my phone and they were running for cover like crazy birds… Bless ’em.

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone! 🙂

Mother Hen

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    • I think Partridge is in the same family. The most skittish of birds! Seriously, there will be a flock of 30 outside my kitchen window, and I reach for my phone, they are OFF. The slightest movement sends them running. My mother’s maiden name is Partridge, and she is obsessed with them. Only one good shot in 2-1/2 … 🙂 🙂 🙂


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