Sister, Sister, Sister

girlies 2

They say the more things change, the more they stay the same. After spending the weekend with my sisters here in Missouri, I am inclined to believe that this is indeed true.


Me and two of my crazy sisters, autumn 1984

girlies 3

Here we are, autumn 2014.

What a difference thirty years can make… Frankly, I think we have all changed for the better! 🙂 

Though we were a couple sisters short of a proper reunion this time, I am so happy and blessed to have such wonderful ladies in my life.

The only possible thundercloud on my little horizon at present is the Chiefs/Broncos matchup this afternoon. We are Orange Crush fans in enemy territory… I’ll keep y’all posted!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone… I surely am! 🙂

Mother Hen


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  1. These photographs are wonderful. You all look so happy to be together and what gorgeous girls you all are. I know you are enjoying your wonderful trip back to the good ol’ USA.


    • Thank you, SITB! It has been a wonderful trip. There are always plenty of laughs when the sisters reassemble. Sometimes I look at our spouses and wonder how they all put up with our craziness, but somehow, here they all are, all these years later…. gotta love ’em! 🙂


      • Oh my goodness, I can totally relate to looking at the spouses and wondering….I’ve noticed they form a little alliance at family gatherings and give each other knowing looks…hmmm, what could they be thinking? LOL!!


  2. It looks like you’re having a wonderful tme with family! Hope your weekend was very good. Looking at the photo of you together I’m quite sure you did 🙂


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