Taking Flight

shutterstock_186964970Tickets? Check!
Passports? Check!
Luggage? To much, as usual.
Plenty of shoes, as per protocol? (Check!)
House/chicken/cat/fish sitter, eater of leftover food and wine rack monitor? Check!
Bills paid? I hope so…
Adrenaline? Naturally.
Pre-vacation gin and tonic? Checkeroo…
“Aloha” T-shirt with green sparkles? Absolutely.
Pre-trip selfie featuring freakishly distorted nose: Check!

Looks like we’re all set then!


Ok. So this is a terrible view of my treasured Aloha T-shirt. But the hideous nose looks… well, hideous. So I got that right, anyway…

Yes, Mother Hen is off to visit her American rellies in the morning… Woohoo! I’ll be out of pocket for a bit, but will try to keep up, even if I cannot post much. You are officially allowed to have fun without me. But not too much.

Cheers everybody!

Mother Hen

© motherhendiaries 2014 all rights reserved

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  1. Dear Nose. I know she’s always making fun of you. She doesn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I know she’s a bit insensitive but she can’t help it. You’re always leading her into troublesome places. Yes, it’s true. Nobody ever sticks up for you. But let me tell you. They are all jealous. You cast a big shadow and you make your presence known. So don’t worry. They’ll get over it.


  2. I am wishing you could come to Ohio, but am so glad you are visiting American rellies, they sound like fun. You will make it all a party and wonderful hugging times! I can see the Aloha shirt has stars and the woman wearing it, is lovely. Not at all like her nose is too prominent! Your hair looks great, too! Enjoy!!


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