Poor Lilykins…

lily and tigerCats really, really hate baths…

Who would have thought it?   With all the construction work we have had going on in the back garden, my normally white cat has taken a fancy to rolling in the dirt and playing in the bonfire ashes. This morning when she sashayed into the kitchen for breakfast (after depositing the entrails of some nameless rodent on the door mat), I decided it was probably going to be a good idea to give her a hand in the cleaning department.   I mean, that would have taken a LOT of licking to sort out.

Lily bathtime selfie

She was, however, not best pleased.  Go figure.

I better make sure my life insurance is updated…

I find the best way to cap off feline humiliation is by including them in a selfie. I look at it as a therapeutic step in their recovery from the depths of conspiracy-theory driven self-absorption.

Just making a better world for us all… one angry cat at a time.

Mother Hen

*Originally published on motherhendiaries 11 April 2014*

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  1. When I had a flea infestation a few years ago, I had no choice but to give my cats a flea bath. Ody is one of the most well behaved, gentlest cats I have ever been around…. in five years, he has never bit or intentionally scratched me, even during playtime. Yet during the course of his bath, he had a look reminiscent of Charles Manson. “If you let up on the grip you have on the scruff of my neck, I swear, I will sever your jugular vein with my claws!” Hopefully by now he has forgiven me, hopefully……


  2. Ooh, that is one angry cat. I’ve never brought myself to dunk one, and if I die without having had the experience I can’t say I’ll consider myself the poorer for it.


  3. Himself and I bathed six large dogs in a cattle trough yesterday. Even the most careful distillation of their feelings regarding that event would not generate as much mad as you’re cuddling in that picture!


    • Hahaha!! Oh yes… She was one angry, snarling wildcat! Fortunately for me, she sunk all of her claws into the rubber bathmat. I owe my life to that bathmat… I am pretty sure she would happily cap me in my sleep.


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