Life Through the Lens – Love


A million thanks to blog-friend Diana, also known as mommyx4boys and authoress of Trying to Make Things Right for the invite to participate in her ongoing challenge, Life Through the Lens! 

In response to this week’s photo challenge, which is Love, I have decided to include this photo of my beautiful grandsons rockpooling in Barricaine Beach, Woolacombe, Devon.

Why this photo to describe what love means to me, you ask?

Well, look at these gorgeous little boys, brothers and best mates, searching for shrimps and crabs and creepy-crawlies together. These little men are what I love most in this world. Can you hear their voices above the waves and seagulls? Then there is the wonder of nature surrounding them: The sea and sun and sky, the magnificence of black rock formations scattered along the Devon coast like just so much excess beauty from creation. God has blessed us all so richly.

What is there not to love in this photograph?

Thanks again, Diana… I look forward to keeping up with your challenges! And what a wonderful idea. If anyone wants to participate, this challenge is open until 2 September, so get those cameras or sketchpads ready! 🙂

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  1. That picture is worth being painted and hung on a wall. Still, the marplot (mischief maker) in me would like to see them teasing a little girl with creepie-crawly things.


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