This is me…the bird on the bottom.

Chaos has descended. Mind, she has been circling for a while, so it is not as if I was not fully expecting her to finally swoop out of the clear blue and sink her razor talons into the back of my neck, yet still I am squirming in her grasp and wondering how – HOW – I find myself soaring 100 feet above my life and looking down on it all. Perhaps I will have a moment of clarity when I am dangling above the open beaks of her offspring, Failure, Doom and Hysteria, preparing to be gulped down whole by one or all of them.


The metaphorical sunset. Ok, you got me. This was the literal sunset tonight. Nice, huh?

here is also the very slim possibility that my overactive imagination is running into the metaphorical sunset with hyperbole in its teeth. it wouldn’t be the first time, as many of you well know. Still, it would be putting it mildly to state that my life has been a veritable rollercoaster for the past few weeks. While I have bags of amusing material littering the hallways of my mind and itching to make its way onto the page for your entertainment, the fact is that I am exhausted. Worn out. Too pooped to pop.

chicken tan

I may be on the dinner menu… but at least I have some great tan lines…

For the record, I need to apologize to all my regular readers and to the newbies for my neglect of your own writing in the past week. Caught as I am in the talons of Chaos, it has been difficult to concentrate for more than five minutes on anything more taxing than staying alive. I am well behind in my blogging and even more behind in my reading, but my voice is in good shape for performances the next couple of days, so I suppose that is something anyway!

Somehow, amid my almost complete neglect for this blog, I have actually gained a few new readers. Go figure! Rest assured, I shall soon be in touch with visits to your own sites!! 🙂 I can only ask you all, my dear readers, to be patient with your Mother Hen… she is flapping her wings like a crazy woman and thoroughly overwhelmed.

Mother Hen 

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  1. Don’t we all get into that rant, when everything seems chaotic! Usually life falls down to earth again. I hope you get that relaxed feeling of control back again. Wish you all the best.


    • Thanks, Otto… yes, normalcy is starting to return at long last! 🙂 My life was truly just a blur for about 14 days. Where did August go??? Must be getting old. 🙂 Thanks for your kind words.


  2. Sorry to read this though you describe your feelings so well metaphorically…wondered where you were but I have been neglecting my blog and not been about either. Rise like a Phoenix Mother hen !! 🙂


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