Very Vinyl


There is something so wonderfully tactile about music on vinyl. Somehow, in our digital age, I wonder if we have lost touch with…touch. Have a wonderful weekend, all! I am in an Eagle jam and loving it!

Mother Hen

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  1. I was born in ’85 but still got to listen to vinyls, mainly through my older brother. There’s something magical about placing the record on the turntable, switching it on and watching it spin, then placing the needle on the track and waiting for the music to start 🙂

    I’m almost ashamed to say this but my first LP was David Hasselhoff – Looking for freedom. I couldn’t have been any more stereotypical German!


    • Gahahaha! The Hoff! That’s brilliant! I knew I liked you from the start… Loving the Hoff is so wrong it can only be right!! And yes, the magic of the turntable… I was a DJ for many years, so it comes naturally. I have never lost my appreication for the old school sound and feel of proper music. And the Hoff. 🙂 (Not that I’ve felt the Hoff. I definitely haven’t. So far as I know…)

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      • Haha I love his nickname The Hoff – he’s not known like this in Germany! I was subject to frequent piss taking by my English colleagues. Every day I got into the office they had put up a picture of The Hoff at my desk 🙂 very often swimwear shots… Wow, a DJ! What kind of music did you play? Was your name DJ Hen? 😉


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