Very Vinyl


There is something so wonderfully tactile about music on vinyl. Somehow, in our digital age, I wonder if we have lost touch with…touch. Have a wonderful weekend, all! I am in an Eagle jam and loving it!

Mother Hen

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    • Hey, I love the crystal clear sound that digital recordings bring. But still, it is lovely to be transported back a couple decades and pretend I’m a teenager with a table full of vinyls. Just for grins! 🙂 We had a lovely party… the music, crackles and all, was brilliant!


    • Awww, Take it Easy, CHB! i’ve been Busy Being Fabulous, and you know I was Born to Boogie. It was just One of Those Nights whe I had to Do Something. I Can’t Tell You Why. But I had a Peaceful, Easy Feeling Saturday night. It was like I was Twenty One Again. But After theThrill is Gone, Me and My Man are back home. My Dirty Laundry is Out of Control. (Henceforth, all corny Eagles jokes are forgiven in perpetuity.) .


  1. Loved Blondie, the original rapper! “Fab Five Freddie told me everybody’s fly
    DJ’s spinnin’ are savin’ my mind
    Flash is fast, flash is cool
    Francois sais pas, flashe’ no do…”

    Still like vinyl with all its imperfections of pops, hisses and cracks.


    • Those aren’t pops and hisses… that is the awesomeness of analog recordings seeping out! 🙂 And, for the record, well done for remembering Blondie rap! It is a bit of a lost art, the girlie rapper… I’m getting rusty at my age. But I could be convinced… hahaha! Just kidding!

      (No, really. I probably could.)


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