Rocks, Waves, Sun and Little Kisses

view from potters hill 2

What is not to love about a beach camping holiday?

Before you answer, take a look at what camping can – and should – be: North Morte Farm, Devon, England

tent view

This is the view from our tent at North Morte Farm… we awoke to sheep bleating in the surrounding pastures and were lulled to sleep by the waves crashing into the rocks below.

When our daughter and family mentioned that they were headed off to our favourite family camping destination for a week or two, Hubby and I jumped at the chance to bend our plans around in such a way as to join them, if only for a few days.


This photo is a bit of an optical illusion. Our campsite consists of green fields running along the top of massive black cliffs that drop straight down into the sea, many feet below. Literally. Grass… slope… cliff. But we like living dangerously.


My favourite photo of the holiday: 


Wild Valerian growing along the footpath down Potters Hill to the dunes at Woolacombe. It was quite a hike, but worth the solitude

The weather was somewhat mixed with some showers at night, but overall, it was a splendid weekend away, not least because we had our gorgeous little buddies to share the laughs, sandy feet, and kisses with!

coastal walk 2 Woolacombe

Rocky outcroppings on the walk from Woolacombe to Barricaine Beach. I could have sat there all day and just watched the tide.

I would be hard pressed to imagine a more beautiful stretch of coast than that of North Devon. It is truly breathtaking, and but a few hours’ drive away.

coastal walk, Woolacombe

Yellow Gorse flowering over the North Devon coast. This was so much more beautiful in real life, as the water is so clear you can see the seabed. Simply breathtaking.

Five minutes’ walk up the coast from Woolacombe is a stunning little hidden beach, Barricaine, perfect for rockpooling and snorkeling.

Barricaine Beach - Woolacombe

Barricaine Beach. A zillion miles away from any toilet facilities, but it would be a bit churlish to complain about a mini-paradise like this, rocks and all. Stunning.


Big Brother and Little Man rockpooling at Barricaine Beach. They caught two HUGE crabs that we watched for a while and later released. What fun!

One of the perks of a seaside holiday: Nodding off to the cry of gulls, the laughter of children and the rush of waves onto the sand. Perfect. (But, mostly my cheeky husband is smiling because he has just nicked my seat in order to take his nap!)

beach sofa

My gorgeous hubby having a well deserved rest on our “beach sofa” at Barricaine Beach. He’s going to kill me for posting this, but it is just too, too adorable to pass up. If anyone needed a rest on our holiday, it was this man.

Once again, we returned to Potter’s Hill, the former links golf course dug up by the Americans in World War II and never restored to a golfable state. Now, it is a series of steep, sandy footpaths to the beach below. Having said that, I’m not at all sure a golf course here would have made much sense, considering the wind and the rugged landscape. But then, Scotland has St. Andrews… so what do I know?

View from Potters hill

View from Potters Hill: Waves breaking on the beach at Woolacombe. Decent body surfing conditions, and lovely unseasonably warm water!


Best moment of the holiday:

Little Man: I spy with my keen and clever eye… something beginning with…………. DIMP.

PopPop: (Clearly perplexed) Ummmm… dimple?

Little Man: No, PopPop.

PopPop: O…Kayyyy. Dimperature?

Little Man: (Laughs) NO POPPOP! Give up?

PopPop: I never give up. Dim-ples?

Little Man: (Laughing hard now) Noooo! This is easy, PopPop. It’s something you play with rugby.

PopPop: (Shakes his head. What he doesn’t know about rugby is a lot.) Ok, buddy – I give up.

Little Man: (Points to PopPop’s ball cap) IT’S THE DIMPER BRONCOS, POPPOP! Gahahahahahaha!

Me, Darling Daughter and PopPop practically wet ourselves laughing. Oh, buddy, that was a GOOD one!

What is a beach holiday without little people to fill it with laughter?

surfer dudes

Our surfer dudes: Sources of endless cuddles, kisses and jokes, but at the end of the day, they are PROPER BOYS!! Wetsuits in the North Atlantic are a necessity. But I kind of like the fashion statement they make.

Worst moment of the holiday: Remembering that I forgot my tankini bottoms and being forced to be a wader as opposed to a swimmer.

surfy feet

My favourite view: My feet in the sea. Sadly, this Mother Hen, in her haste to pack, neglected to bring the bottom half of her swimsuit! Oh well. There is always next time…

It’s good to be home, recharged and ready to go again! Plus the Dimper Broncos preseason starts in a couple of days… life is good! 🙂

Mother Hen

Ooo – almost forgot! BEST SUNSET OF THE HOLIDAY


Photo of rain falling in front of the sunset, en route to drench the Welsh. (Sorry, Wales!)

“The sea, once it cast its spell, holds one in its net forever.”  – Jacques Cousteau

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  1. I have to jump to the loving those precious grandchildren, their sweet tousleheaded looks and their adorable and precious kisses! I enjoyed all the photos, loved the one you labeled your favorite one, with the pretty wild flowers. I also liked the views from high up, too! It is a wonderful gift you share with your readers, your lovely photos of family and adventures, MH!


    • Ohhhh thank you so much, Robin! You are an angel to say such sweet things. You know those boys are the very beat of my heart… I so hope no one gets tired of my family adventures, as I so enjoy sharing them! Bless you! xx


  2. Wonderful post. To me it was interesting to Your photos, because I do not know these places. My favorite photo among Your wonderful post is the Barricaine Beach photo.


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