Sea Spray and Green Grass


Mother Hen is recharging her batteries at present

Stress and overload have taken their toll on all of us in the Hen Household. But don’t pity us. Take a look at where we are plugging in!

images (3)

Sometimes, all we need is a little sea therapy.images

Have a wonderful weekend all! I surely will.

images (1)

Mother Hen

I promise to post at least SOME pics of my own when I return, but for now, these folks get the credit for all the lovely pictures:  🙂


  • Photo of Morte Point, North Devon courtesy of the National Trust
  • Beach photo courtesy of
  • Photo of Rockaway Bay courtesy of
  • Mortehoe photo courtesy of

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  1. I’m so glad you’re taking a break while I’m busy relocating! I was worried I would miss so much! Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday and can’ wait to see some snaps!


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