So Many Beautiful Things

garden view

The view from my back garden across wheatfields to the West, a sunset seen after date night on Friday.

Where has July gone? It is like the month began and I blinked for but a second and here we are three weeks in already! This has been the most beautiful summer, and it is racing by oh, too fast. For anyone wanting a little tour of some of the beautiful things I Instaspammed this month, here’s my little July travelogue. Actually, I didn’t have to travel at all to find such beautiful things… they were right here on my sunny doorstep! Enjoy.

I hope your July is passing more slowly than mine, though I cannot possibly wish a more beautiful summer on anyone. Take time to smell the roses, my friends, and never become too busy to count your many blessings.

Mother Hen

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  1. Oh my goodness! Gorgeous collection of natural beauty and you discovered them all! The wheatfield sunset or sunrise and the rainbow really brightened my day! Thanks for sharing these lovely views! Hugs,


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