Month: July 2014

Sea Spray and Green Grass

Mother Hen is recharging her batteries at present… Stress and overload have taken their toll on all of us in the Hen Household. But don’t pity us. Take a look at where we are plugging in! Sometimes, all we need is a little sea therapy. Have a wonderful […]

The Big Augustine Adventure

The first time I heard the surname “Augustine,” I thought it was about the prettiest name I had ever heard. Little did I know that it would one day become my own.  And even less did I know, once I married my Augustine nearly 3 decades ago, where […]

Sunday Sunset

Good evening, all! Welcome to Sunday Sunset! Following up Friday’s post, Fields of Gold, here are our freshly mown fields under a pastel Turnuresque sky. Even though the Turner part is not translating very well to digital photography, I cannot help but share the glory! Tonight, I met our […]

The Evergreen Lilac

It was a pretty well-known fact on Grand Street that June’s house had the prettiest lilac bush anywhere. In May, its boughs were practically crushed beneath the weight of enormous, fragrant, purple blooms.  Even in summers with no rain, while the neighbours’ own lilacs were reduced to shriveled […]