Cry Me a River


I don’t cry easily.

Maybe I’m jaded, I don’t know. Maybe it is something about not liking to be manipulated emotionally. I tend to dig in my heels and NOT cry for the simple fact that someone is expecting it. Oh, I’m perfectly capable of turning on the water works to get my way – yes, I’m not proud of it, but I’d be lying if I didn’t fess up to a little emotional manipulation a time or two in my misbegotten past. Perhaps it is for this very reason that I tend to steel up when I feel the urge to tear up overtaking me.

Go ahead… name your favourite tear jerker: The Notebook? Sorry, no tears.

What I want is for you to stop trying to make me cry.

Beaches? Zip. Zilch. Can’t squeeze one out. Barbara Hershey looked pretty healthy to me, plus she made some pretty poor relationship choices. It’s hard to respect that.

Even Bette Midler knew she was really faking it.

Titanic? Oh, please. “Jack! I won’t let go….” Then she LETS GO. Leonardo DiCaprio sinks to the bottom of the Atlantic… Nope. No can do. Let him sink. The digital breath trying to convince us y’all were freezing in that Hollywood pond just was not convincing enough.

And then she let go… Rose, you big hairy liar.

(It is remotely possible that I am a wee bit too critical of films.)

But stand a few dozen 5-year-olds up on a stage and have them sing Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colours” while using sign language?

FLOODS OF TEARS. A complete and total wreck, inconsolable.

my boysYes, this Mother Hen is a sentimental sap for sure, but only when it comes to my grandsons, apparently.

And that one Tim Burton film… Big Fish. Also Edward Scissorhands. Oh – and Les Miserables…. and True Grit (2011, not 1969).

Mother Hen

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  1. Oh, I am a walking sob story….I cry at anything anymore….but come now…even E.T. didn’t get you? (p.s. Love those grandbabies!)


    • Thank you! You are very kind…I’m a proper watering pot when it comes to my grandsons for sure! I appreciate your visit, like and your follow! I look forward to dropping by your blog for a browse myself! 🙂 MH


  2. I put the NO in NO-tebook. I am still not sure why I am supposed to cry in that one but I lost my romanticism and make NO apologies for it. Give me comedy and Paul Blart Mall Cop and Despicable Me any day. I cried too much in real life to have it in droves for fictional characters. Nice post.


    • Anything Kevin James… also Napoleoon Dynamite (a firm favourite). And as for the DM empire, I’m in! Yes, I agree. I have shed enough real tears, more than my share. But my grandkids get me every time… 😀 You should have seen them… about the cutest thing EVER.


      • Ha HAH! I still see a Vote for Pedro sticker every once in a while and it brightens my day.Congratulations on the grandkids, may they bring you even more happiness, and if you MUST cry may the tears be of joy.


        • Thanks, BNB… and the same goes for you! So funny… when I sat down to write yesterday’s “tumbleweed” post, I was initially going to write something about small school politics. I was going to call it “Vote for Summer…” HAHAHAHA! Best. Movie. Ever.
          Rex Kwan Do! Gahahaha!
          And… LA-FAWN-DUH… Oh, it kills me, it really does.


  3. So, so true. Being a brand new Mimi, I could sit and stare at my gorgeous grandson for hours, and when he opens his eyes and gazes up at me, it brings me to tears. What the hell is that?
    I saw Ghost, circa 1988ish, and looked around the theater confused as to why people were crying. My friend pulled a tissue from her purse to wipe her tears, but it turned out to be a pantiliner. I laughed hysterically and was promptly asked to leave. Stupid movie, anyway.


    • Ohhhhhh… Amy that is the funniest thing I have heard in so, so long! THANK YOU FOR PUTTING IT IN YOUR COMMENT ON MY SITE! Bwahahahahaha!
      I agree… Ghost is a completely stupid movie!

      Now, grandchildren tears – nothing stupid about those! (Didn’t I tell you you would fall in love all over again?) *sniff* — pass me a pantyliner, will you? 😀


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