Rose Tint My World

I so wish I had written this, but it is the work of the oh-so-funny Stephanie Summar. Join her and her cat, Winston Purrchill, as they get cracking on a little DIY… GAHAHA!!

Listful Thinking

My kitchen isn’t bad, as far as kitchens go. Sure, the oven is older than me. Yes, the portable dishwasher sometimes rolls around on its own. I can look past that. Antiques are interesting! Locating the dishwasher is an adventure!

I can’t cook, so my standards are pretty low. Honestly, there’s only one thing that I look for in a kitchen: that it not be pink. I’m even flexible on that, as long as it does not also have lace curtains. For some reason, pink kitchens with lace curtains leave me with the impression that someone’s dead grandmother is haunting the room.

On those two fronts, my kitchen is not doing so hot.

It's even pinker and lacier in real life. It’s even pinker and lacier in real life.

I’ve complained about that room every single day since buying my house. I’m obsessed with it. As soon as someone points out a feature they like about the house, I say…

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