My wife is a lazy liar

Here is a little something for all my favourite lazy liars out there… You know who you are… 😀 Enjoy!


It’s the last day of school for my lazy, lying wife. She says teachers still have to go to work, but that can’t be right. Teachers only work when the kids are at school. I wish she would come clean and admit she is not really a teacher.  School starts around 9:00 and dismisses at 3:45.  She leaves the house before seven each morning, and it’s only a fifteen or twenty minute drive to the “school” where she “teaches.” She comes home around six or six-thirty in the evening. Sometimes later. What is she doing with all the extra time?

6:57 a.m. and the bag lady leaves the house. Looking for an OTB parlor that opens early. 6:57 a.m. and the bag lady leaves the house. Looking for an OTB parlor that opens early.

When she gets home, I make sure dinner awaits the slacker. It’s a wonder she doesn’t demand I spoon-feed her. After dinner, she works on “lesson plans” and “grades papers.”  The way she describes…

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  1. As a teacher married to a teacher, I have to admit we have been lazy this “summer vacation”. He only studies 3 hours a day for a week long class he has to attend in July, and I have only signed up for three conferences.


    • Exactly!!! You 2 sound like a couple of proper slackers, all right – haha! My sister in law is a teacher and tells me already she’s had loads of people ask what she was going to do with all her “free time” this summer… What free time??? Hats off to you and your hubby… A million thanks for the service you provide! 😉


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