Month: June 2014

Memoirs of a Yankee Tumbleweed

It was December 1975 when the Blue Gypsy rolled into town. The place was called Nevada; it rhymed with tomata, potata and alligata. When our VW hit town, it was loaded down with 6 rowdy kids, a couple bags of clothes and our mom, ostensibly to spend Christmas […]

Cry Me a River

I don’t cry easily. Maybe I’m jaded, I don’t know. Maybe it is something about not liking to be manipulated emotionally. I tend to dig in my heels and NOT cry for the simple fact that someone is expecting it. Oh, I’m perfectly capable of turning on the […]

Burgers and the Ugly Brit

England is full of caricatures: The neighbour down the road in the beige Mac (trench coat) and Burberry wool driving cap, pulling on his Sherlock Holmes pipe and eyeing me suspiciously as I post a card into the letterbox (cue “Pink Panther” Theme)… the granny on the bicycle […]