The Amazing Thing About Tuscany Is…

wine and roses

…that no matter how many pictures you ever take, you can never truly capture it.


roses - baracchi

(although I DID try!)

I have been to a lot of gorgeous places, but there is just something about this patch of earth that makes it so stunningly unique.

view of cortona

View of Cortona from Il Falconiere, Baracchi winery

Is it the fact there is a castle ruin on every hilltop?


Ruin of Castle Motecchio Vesponi dating back to 1014… as seen from our villa garden

Is it the acres of sun-drenched grape vines lined up in mathematically precise rows?  

DSCF2817  wpid-wp-1401009093243.jpeg rows and rows

Is it the lakes?  The tiled roofs? 


View of Lago Trasimeno from Cortona

Rooftops... Siena

Tiled rooftops, Siena

The patchwork of green stretching as far as the eye can see?  Or is it the row upon row of blue hills that fade to sky?


Westward view from Cortona showing Santuario di Santa Maria delle Grazie al Calcinaio in foreground

The monuments… piazzi… centuries of history… breathtaking views?

View east from Siena

View eastward from Siena

Piazza del Campo, Siena, Italy

Piazza del Campo, Siena, Italy

It MUST be the food!

Jpeg  Jpeg Jpeg DSCF2783

The wine…

baracchi wine

Baracchi wine tasting



The people…

baracchi wine falcon

Vinyard owner Sylvia and her beautiful falcon…mascot of Il Falconiere, Baracchi winery.

…and the warmth of mia famiglia bonding on foreign soil…

 Jpeg DSCF2821

me and my honey

Me and my honey at Trattoria del Pescatore, Perugia, Italy

It is all of this.  And more.


I may be back in England now and the damp cold has me lighting a fire in late May.  But my heart remains in Tuscany.

With the grandkids - cortona

Touring with the grandkids… Cortona

Mother Hen

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