Me and U


Well here we are!

First off, can I extend a big welcome to all new readers!  Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you find your visit to this blog a pleasant one.  For those of you returning to “Mother Hen Diaries – The Sequel,” I thank you for your loyalty and beg your kind forbearance.

Can I explain why, in a rare moment of impulsivity, I marched across my former MHD site armed with a box of matches and a can of kerosene and set it alight?  Not in any way that most of you would understand.  But have no fear… all previous writings have been safely squirreled away and will be making a future Uppearance at some point.  For those of you who don’t wish to hit the “replay” button on my ramblings, please accept my Uppologies.  I shall always tag them as former posts so you will know whether or not you want to sacrifice 5 minutes of your day snorting latte out your nose.

U rating

Universally suitable for all audiences


So this site is for U.  As in Uplifting.  Uncomplicated.  Ubiquitous.  Ok… maybe that is a bit of a stretch – but you gotta admit, that is one great word!  This U is never unclean, unfriendly or unappropriate.  This U begs your Understanding.

Here’s to U!

Mother Hen

P.S.  The British U rating is equivalent to the American G rating… but G words are so much less fun.

G is G-boring.

© motherhendiaries 2014 all rights reserved

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  1. I’m so glad to see you still kicking up a storm.

    In an unrelated matter, I once went on a rampage, nuked my blog, shredded all our old papers, reduced a laptop to microchips, and drowned my child’s phone in a glass of water. My husband who is cool as a cucumber simply said, “God is definitely a man.”
    “Why?” I demanded to know.
    “Because he only destroyed the world once,” he replied.

    Oh. Good point.


  2. Okay, I was wondering what happened! When I first “arrived” I looked up to see Iw as not a follower and knew I was indeed following your former, now reduced to ashes, blog. Well, I do hope you find peace and joy in this new Uplifting Universe you are creating. (Pssst…everyone hide the matches.) 😉 thanks for the follow!


    • Thanks dweezer much appreciated! I needed to make a few changes, so it’s all good now. Some of the old stuff will slowly creep back in, but this is largely new. Just trying to keep my blog between the ditches haha! Nice to be reconnected!


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